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*Mrs Angela* [userpic]
from youtube
by *Mrs Angela* (glass_doll)
at June 7th, 2007 (05:19 pm)

A Great Disguise


Heather [userpic]
Pretender Fans Unite
by Heather (angel_star84)
at April 23rd, 2007 (02:21 am)

I created a myspace page for Pretender fans who want another movie. I will post information on campaigns that other boards and sites have going and I will also be sending a letter to Craig and Steven very soon. Please check it out and join if you are a Pretender fan! http://www.myspace.com/pretenderfansunite 

jhowardchrist [userpic]
Just joined here
by jhowardchrist (jhowardchrist)
at April 15th, 2007 (03:02 pm)

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I just joined this community and thought Id introduce myself. Im Rob, 36 (exactly 7 months younger than Andrea Parker) Ive been a fan of Anrea's since the 1st episode of the pretender. Im basically new to LJ.
I was wondering if anyone else has any movie roles they thought Andrea Parker should have had? There are 2 that I always thought she would have been a much better choice than the choices that were made. The 1st was the role of Emma Peel in The Avengers, that role went to Uma Thurman. The 2nd role I thought would have fit her perfect was the role of Aeon Flux, that went to Charlize Theron.

Sapph [userpic]
Andrea Parker/Miss Parker graphics!
by Sapph (sapphs)
at April 15th, 2007 (06:57 pm)

[4] Wallpapers
[2] Headers
[2] Friends Only banners
[13] Miss Parker Quote Icons

My first quote icons, so they aren't too good but comments are really appreciated!


Clicky for the pretty!

Sapph [userpic]
by Sapph (sapphs)
at April 14th, 2007 (05:20 pm)

As requested by udenkbar, I made some caps of The Pretender: Island of the Haunted.

Download link can be found HERE.

Sapph [userpic]
by Sapph (sapphs)
at April 12th, 2007 (11:49 am)

Hello everyone!

I'm in a bit of a bind. I plan on making a batch of icons, a wallpaper and a new header over the next week but I don't know what to do!

Obviously the focus is going to be on Andrea (because she is just made of Awesome :D), but I was hoping to get your input on some of your favourite Miss Parker quotes (because they are also made of Awesome :D) for some text icons.

If you have any favourite quotes/scenes, please comment and let me know because I can't for the life of me choose only a few and I'd love to make some for you!

Much love,

~ Sapph.

Cecilie [userpic]
by Cecilie (cila81)
at January 25th, 2007 (05:31 pm)

36 Phantom Of The Opera 2004 Movie + Headers and F/O banners
20 The Pretender
25 Xena Warrior Princess

this way

LA [userpic]
Miss Parker icons
by LA (babybacke)
at November 1st, 2006 (01:43 pm)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

86 more here

serenamina [userpic]
by serenamina (serenamina)
at September 20th, 2006 (11:50 pm)

Pretender Graphix Invite!

E. [userpic]
14 Miss Parker icons
by E. (soundspie)
at September 17th, 2006 (10:54 am)
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I never knew I was close to you,
you seem so dead inside

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